Saturday breakfast · 7 am till sold out

homestyle scramble wrap ·  v  · grilled mushroom and onions, organic sprouted tofu scramble, coconut bacon, sautéed greens, flour tortilla, topped with white gravy  ·  7

fruit tart ·  gf & v  · housemade walnut granola date crust, unsweetened vanilla coconut yogurt, fresh fruit, mint, pure maple drizzle  ·  8

toast bar

basic ·  v  · fresh avocado, evoo, lemon juice, vegan parmesan, red pepper flakes, sea salt  ·  7

sweetie bird ·  v  · caramelized banana, almond butter, chia seeds, cacao nibs  ·  7

daily soups ·  cup  ·  7  bowl  ·  9

see clipboard for today’s selections ·  gf & v  ·

All soups are made fresh in-house daily. Ingredients are local and organic when possible. Most soups contain nuts and /or nut milks. Our soups are always gluten free, vegan, and delicious!  

mj’s salad and soup duo · half salad  ·  13  full salad  ·  15

see clipboard for today’s soups & weekly salad

Choose any cup of soup with your choice of a half or full weekly salad. 

salads · add  fresh avocado  ·  2  add tomatoes or cucumbers  ·  1

mj’s salad of the week · chef created with local organic ingredients when possible—see clipboard for our salad of the week  ·  8.95

falafel waffle ·   · fresh quinoa tabouli, falafel, housemade tzatziki, tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh chopped parsley and mint, pickled red onions, organic greens  ·  10.95 

bbq chickpea ·  v  · spiced chickpeas, avocado, roasted corn, carrots, tomatoes, sprouts, toasted pumpkin seeds, pickled red onion, vegan ranch, over jalapeño lime slaw  ·  10.95

sandwiches and wraps  

Sandwiches and wraps are served with an organic mixed green salad with housemade vinaigrette. 

blt  ·  v  · coconut bacon, vegan roasted garlic aioli, heirloom tomatoes, avocado, sprouts, on sourdough toast  ·  12.95  

black bean torta ·  v  · black bean hummus, avocado, grilled peppers and onions, roasted corn, sprouts, vegan chipotle mayo, on soft french or pita, toasted  ·  12.95   

french ·  apples, walnuts, goat cheese, pepper jelly, organic greens, on soft french, toasted or cold  ·  10.95  

cauliflower wrap ·  v  · cauliflower and chickpeas tossed in buffalo sauce, avocado, sprouts, pickled red onions, vegan ranch, white pita  ·  12.95   

gyro ·  v  · jackfruit, grilled mushrooms and onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, sprouts, pickled red onions, tzatziki, white pita  ·  12.95  

desserts · made fresh daily  ·  7

ask about today’s dessert selections

Always vegan, always delicious! 

·  v  · vegan  ·  gf  · gluten free